Returning to work after a baby, for me, was hard. Specifically because I still had a large tummy from growing that adorable chubby baby - and no idea how to dress so I looked smart. I love, respect and accept 'post baby me', but how to look 'work ready' was a puzzle - I'm not normally this shape! Rebecca was so approachable and deeply competent - and really practical too. See I had concerns about spending a lot on a wardrobe I hope to be too small for in 6 to 9 months time. Rebecca suggested we wait to shop until just before I went back, and then the day came - I was nervous about what I'd get with my 'temporary but complete return to work wardrobe for $500 (including shoes!)'... but that was silly. The shop was really fun and efficient, and we came a good $20 under budget! I walked into work first day comfortable (no shapewear, just excellently selected clothes), and confident, and noticed by day three that I wasn't rushing around trying to match clothes - they all just worked. I can't wait to 'deflate' from this baby state and do a big wardrobe shop. Oh and the kicker for me was my colors - amazing to see the transformation wearing the right colors does!!! What a delight, thank you Rebecca.

- Carla Project Manager, mother of 2

I’ve never been a big dress wearer and it had been many years since I’d been to a fancy affair so when my husband’s boss invited us to his house for private cocktail party I knew I needed help. I was hoping to come away with a dress I felt comfortable in but Rebecca gave me so much more. Not only did she help me acquire two dresses, shoes and a handbag all within my budget but her designer’s eye and genuine desire to help left me with a new confidence to try new things and the knowledge that there are clothes out there that make my body look, not just nice, but head-turning hot. I got so many compliments I felt like a different woman! I just never knew how to shop for my shape. Now I can’t wait to get her into my closet for a complete overhaul.

- Penelope Part-time professional, mother of 2

What a fun and uplifting experience I have had being styled by Rebecca! She is such an easy going, non-threatening person to help build confidence in what and how to wear things and how to feel comfortable in them. I feel I have gained half a new wardrobe by learning how to co-ordinate my existing clothing better, and am really excited by my new “key items”. It could be the first time I’ve ever looked forward to dressing in winter! Thanks Rebecca. 

- Jo Osteopath, mother of 3

I really enjoyed our online shopping experience. Due to current world circumstances, I needed a new ‘work wardrobe’ as I’m mainly at home now and I was terrified I’d slip into the PJ’s and dressing gown outfit all the time. It is impossible to get out and about and shop together in person at the moment, but this really was the next best thing! As we have done with our previous shops, it was great to be shown some styles I possibly wouldn’t have looked at myself, be pointed back towards colours that really suit my colouring, be reminded of the styles that will enhance my shape, as well as be shown some brands I’d never even heard of before! I also really appreciated your in-depth knowledge of the brands themselves, because knowing that they run small or large is an invaluable piece of knowledge to have when you are shopping online! I had a brilliant time and my online shopping carts have filled up fast, with clothes that I know will suit me and will really work for an ‘at home and over the internet’ working and personal life!

- Angela Full time professional, mother of 1

I recently had a wardrobe consultation with Rebecca and all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had no idea what colours suited me, what shape my body is and what clothes I should wear to suit that and, because of this, I got to a point where I hated shopping and if I ever did shop, I tended to buy the same things. 

Rebecca was amazing. She showed me the colours that suited me, what my body shape is and what style of clothes I should wear to suit my shape.  She paired existing clothes in my wardrobe in a way I would never have considered, and as a result, I feel like I have a new wardrobe.  

She also provided me with a list of 'staples' to complete my wardrobe so I know exactly what to look for when I am shopping now.  

Since the consultation, Rebecca has been really generous with her time - following up on how I'm going and sending pictures of clothing items to consider. 

I have to say, the wardrobe consultation with Rebecca far exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it.  The only problem was the time went too quickly and I didn't want Rebecca to leave!

- Faith Coach

Rebecca has a wonderful eye for style and knowing what works best for my body shape. She has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try new styles of clothing that I would never have looked at and it is amazing what a difference it makes. From conservative and comfortable to now dressing classically stylish and confidently, I love how I feel when I walk out the door each day and the WOW factor Rebecca has brought to my every day. 

- Natalie Marketing specialist, mother of 3

I thought spending money on a stylist was a luxury I couldn’t afford. Ironically, the first thing Rebecca did was to save me money by showing me how to make better use of the clothes I already had. By going through my wardrobe with me piece by piece, and putting items together in different combinations, Rebecca showed me I had outfits I didn’t know I had. Then, she helped me see why some items I’d bought had never left my wardrobe – why I couldn’t make them work. Some of those we tossed, and others she actually pinned for alterations that would make them more suitable for me. Now I wear them. Finally, Rebecca took me shopping. She did the research for me and presented the items she knew I needed to complete my wardrobe. Rebecca dresses me to look the best with the body I have.

- Amy Part-time professional, mother of 1

I found the experience fun and a real eye opener as well. I love that I have all these new combinations of outfits to wear, especially for the clothes that were just gathering dust in my wardrobe! I wish I had your styling ability! You make the process seem so straightforward. Thanks also for the style plan you sent through –it’s great knowing which styles to avoid and which types accentuate my shape. The photos will be of great help too.

- Brianna Part-time professional, mother of 3

I hate clothes shopping! I always buy things that don't match other items in my wardrobe and unless it's black and I don't even try it on. That was until my wardrobe consultation and shopping experience with Bec! It was awesome. Bec made it so easy and she taught me so much about matching my skin tone and dressing for my body shape. I love all my purchases and walk out the door everyday feeling pretty amazing. I have lots of colours and pieces that I mix and match and get compliments most days on what I'm wearing. Thanks Rebecca

- Karen Manager, mother of 2

I’m a terrible shopper, actually I hate shopping. I try to only go twice a year and I stick to safe, plain options, things I think look good. After three kids, maternity clothes, lots of track pants and hoodies I decided it was time to spend some birthday money! Rebecca went through my wardrobe with me and explained styles and shapes that were most suited. She showed me what worked in my wardrobe and noted what was missing. We emptied my wardrobe and then set to the task of restocking it. No more breastfeeding tops, hideaway frumpy pregnant clothes and 80s shoes! I needed someone to be both cut-throat and kind and Rebecca is both! Rebecca takes the pain away from a shopping trip for me. She does the hard work first and ensures you have so many beautiful things to try on you’ll be surprised at your options and have no shortage of choice. She shows me clothes I would never take off the rack and I’m always happy with how flattering they are! She understands clearly my likes and dislikes and steers away from items she knows I won’t be comfortable with. She is conscious of my time and my money. I have been into so many new stores, learnt how to accessorise, and feel much more confident ducking out when I need one or two new pieces. If I need to do a big shop, well I still call in the expert!

- Eva Small business owner, mother of 3

I had so many clothes that I rarely wore or had never actually worn. Rebecca helped me sort through them and with her advice I now have heaps of lovely options to choose from. Some just needed an added scarf or necklace, some needed shortening and some were just not right for me. I loved our shopping trip and ended up with clothes I would never have tried and colours that I had avoided. The end result is heaps of room in my wardrobe, heaps of really lovely outfits to wear and heaps of confidence. Thank you so much - I can't wait to do it again for summer!

- Jenny Accounts Manager, mother of 2

I decided I needed to see a stylist because I’d had 3 babies in 5 years, my body shape had changed and I was stuck in a rut buying baggy unflattering clothes in black because I believed I needed to hide my tummy and that black was slimming.

Seeing Rebecca is the best thing I have ever done. She helped me see that I didn’t need to hide my figure and she gave me the confidence to get rid of clothes in my wardrobe that no longer suited me. She also identified where the gaps in my wardrobe were and showed me how to work colour into my existing wardrobe.

Shopping with Rebecca is a joy. With pre-school children, I don't have a lot of time to shop. Rebecca does all the leg work for me and saves me spending money on bad purchases.

I find I now spend less on clothing overall because I tend to save up for a wardrobe consultation/shopping session with Rebecca. She helps me buy quality pieces that see me get more wear out of my wardrobe. I have now seen Rebecca twice and it just gets better and better. She knows my wardrobe and my style and we have lots of fun shopping together.

- Sally Part-time professional, mother of 3

Wow, am I glad to have met this lady in my lifetime! You can’t really describe the shopping day with Rebecca until you have experienced it for yourself. Basically, the headache and embarrassment of taking racks of clothing into a change room, trying them all on and then dumping the ill-fitting clothes back on the shop assistant’s counter is over. Instead, clothes are carefully selected by Rebecca in the lead up to the shop day, set aside for you in stores in advance and then miraculously almost all of them look good when you try them on! You can get a whole new wardrobe in 2-3 hours. Winter shop was a huge success so now looking forward to my summer shop this month. What makes this small business even better is the person behind it is so lovely.

- Karen Professional photographer, mother of 3

Wow! Rebecca, you’re a marvel! I didn’t think I had many clothes, but it turns out I just didn’t know how to put them together. You found some hidden gems in my wardrobe and then showed me what was missing so that I could make the most of what I already had. Plus adding a few new elements and now I am spoilt for choice! Shopping with you was a great experience. Thank you for researching what we were looking for, you really understood my shape and lifestyle requirements and gave me things to try on that I would have never picked myself, but really worked! All in all a fabulous experience and a great investment.

- Helen Small business owner, mother of 2

Many thanks for helping me update my winter wardrobe. I must admit, shopping with you was the polar opposite of my usual unsatisfactory experiences shopping for clothes! Your help and guidance was very much appreciated.

- Susan Full-time professional

Rebecca is awesome – she absolutely managed to pull off the impossible by getting me clothes shopping and I can honestly say I loved every minute of the experience. I am not someone who enjoys shopping for clothes so the prospect of spending a couple of hours of nothing but clothes shopping was somewhat daunting. With Rebecca’s calm personality and incredibly trained eye she managed to get me to try things on things I would never have even looked at and not once did I feel uncomfortable. Thank you Bec for making me look and feel fabulous.

- Hanna Small business owner, mother of 4

A few months ago I was overwhelmed by the ever growing size of my wardrobe. It had become completely unmanageable. In my quest to find the perfect outfits, I kept accumulating more and more clothes, and yet most times wore the same tired combinations over and over again. I had been thinking for a while that the answer was not to continue increasing the volume but to pare things down, and only keep what is versatile and pretty much perfect for me and my body shape and most importantly my lifestyle.

I turned to my trusted stylist, Rebecca, for help and guidance as I knew this would be a big change for me. She immediately recommended we try a capsule wardrobe, which can be changed with the seasons and only comprises wonderful pieces.

It sounds trite, but the transformation she made to my wardrobe has changed my life. The dread and time wasting I used to experience each morning is gone. Instead I go to the section that fits my day: dressy, work or casual and select what I feel like wearing. It's easy. It's effective. It saves lots and lots of money. I get so many compliments on my new clothes, even though they are not new! Just great combinations from my existing treasures.

Thank you Rebecca, you're a genius!

- Monika Full-time professional, mother of 2

I had so much fun in my personal styling session with Rebecca.  It was definitely a confidence booster and I ended up with many new outfits, from existing clothes in my current wardrobe.  Who knew there were so many combinations hiding in the cupboard?!  Thanks Rebecca for your great tips and advice.  I have told many people about your services and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting to update their look.  Thanks again!

- Vicki Human Resources Manager, mother of 2