Conquering too many clothes and nothing to wear syndrome

The allure of the latest fashion trends, the bargain sale items that were too good to refuse and the “this will do” purchases can really add unnecessary bulk to our wardrobes. I bet if you looked at your items from the above categories, chances are they never (or barely) get worn. I like to call it “too many clothes and nothing to wear syndrome”.

Most of us have suffered from this epidemic. It’s so easy to do, with a shift towards cheaper, fast fashion over quality timeless pieces in our marketplace. About 5 years ago I pulled out all of the clothes I didn’t feel simply fabulous in and found they had one thing in common, I purchased them on sale! I had found my weakness. The reality was that my ‘bargain’ purchases were nothing but a huge waste of money adding clutter to my wardrobe.

But what if you could open up your wardrobe every morning and always know what to wear? A sure way to guarantee this is to create a ‘capsule wardrobe’. A capsule wardrobe can be described as a tight selection of versatile pieces that you adore wearing. The idea is, each piece is carefully considered and highly interchangeable, maximising your number of outfits. The clothing is rotated every 3 months (with the season) and can contain anywhere from 10 (if you are very brave) up to 30ish items of clothing including tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes and accessories. Eliminating unnecessary clutter from your everyday life while ensuring each item earns its keep by not only making you feel amazing but also having mates to be worn with.

I have had great success stories with clients building capsule wardrobes. My client Monika said, “The transformation Rebecca made to my wardrobe has changed my life. The dread and time wasting I used to experience each morning is gone. Instead I go to the section that fits my day: dressy, work or casual and select what I feel like wearing. It's easy. It's effective. It saves lots and lots of money. I get so many compliments on my new clothes, even though they are not new! Just great combinations from my existing treasures”.

A capsule wardrobe is a great antidote to simplify life and save money. Letting you invest your time and money into what really matters. What have you got to lose?

4/28/16, 9:32 AM

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