Accessible Styling

Every woman deserves to look and feel great every day.

Although fashion is a hobby of mine, styling women to help show their true, brilliant selves is my real passion. Over seven years ago I became a regular volunteer at Melbourne’s Fitted For Work. This is an Australian not-for-profit organisation which helps disadvantaged women gain self-esteem and confidence with a free styling service and interview practice to assist them with achieving their goal of employment. This is where my true love for personal styling all began.

I love seeing their smiles and eyes light up when they are dressed in clothing they would not have previously owned, preparing these ladies for job interviews with confidence. It is important to me to devote time each month to these women.

To read more about Fitted For Work, or to make a valuable donation you can visit their website at

2/18/16, 1:54 PM

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Returning to work after a baby, for me, was hard. Specifically because I still had a large tummy from growing that adorable chubby baby - and no idea how to dress so I looked smart. I love, respect and accept 'post baby me', but how to look 'work ready' was a puzzle - I'm...

Carla - Project Manager, mother of 2