Fashion, good or evil?

For the average 30+ woman, this season’s crop top and midi skirt is not going to feature high on the shopping list. And the latest potato sack dresses we find in our favourite stores? I’m guessing most of us aren’t going to feel as great when we look in the mirror as the size 8 model in the catalogue. While I love fashion because it is dynamic, exciting and fresh each season, for others it can be a confusing cloud of colour, shape and texture.

You’re not to blame. It’s Fashion, forcing limited styles, shapes and colours on you each season because they are “on trend”. This narrow availability will suit some but for others the latest boxy t-shirt is never going to work. If this happens to be you, instead of feeling good about shopping, fashion can give you the impression that you just don’t look good, are carrying too much weight, or your body shape doesn’t cut it, but this is never the case.

There are a few wonderful stores and brands that do cater for every shape but for a lot of women, marketing wins here! Many of us do not want to be seen in these brands as they are perceived to target the more “mature” women and therefore daggy. Yes, this may be the case for a small part of the range, but there are in most cases many styles that are fantastic for the younger (by younger I mean 30 or 40 something), modern women who would like to stay fashion relevant. Unfortunately many will not even walk in the door. What a shame!

My biggest complaint of recent seasons is something as simple as a neckline. Have you noticed that the majority of tops you find in-store have a high (or crew) neck? This can be fab for a few body shapes but ever so challenging for our big busted or broad shouldered friends. A crew neck is only putting emphasis on and broadening this area, which would have looked lovely with a scoop or V neckline. But if this shape is not available in your favourite store, what do you do? Shopping for hours, trying all sorts of clothes on and coming home with nothing or something that “will do” doesn’t have to be. Not good enough fashion world!!!

Spending time with a personal stylist is a wonderful way to help you identify a few key features on a garment that will suit you, making a considerable difference to how it will look on your body. The type of neckline, sleeve style, length, fabric and colour of something as simple as a top can positively change how you feel when you look in the mirror. Knowing this will help you decipher which new trends you’re going to try and which you will leave hanging on the shop floor each season. Accepting there will always be racks of clothing that you would love to wear in the fashion world but aren’t quite right for you, means no more items gathering dust in your wardrobe.

So while I love to see the latest fashion each season and what exciting new things I can show my clients, I am also a bit nervous about what boundaries the season will bring for myself and other women through the flaws of the fashion world.

10/28/15, 6:49 PM

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